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Favorite products for August 2015

Hello ladies !!

Today in this blog I'll be showing my choices for my favorite products of the month. The products mostly are for face and skin care. I'm starting with face products and as you can see from the picture they are only products from AVON. I have tried many gels for face, toners and creams, but I think that the products from AVON have the best results on my skin (which is prone to be oily) and they don't cost much.

I normally start with washing my face with that foam from Velnea (you can find it in Lilly drogerie). It's for dry and sensitive skin, but for me that doesn't matter that much. This is just a product for washing, but it's better then ordinary soap... It smells good, and it's enriched with white tea extract, macadamia nut oil and allantois.

This is a matifying toner from AVON's newest series Nutra Effects. It's suitable for both oily and combination skins.
And now little bit more for the series Nutra Effects 
All the products from this series is with active seed complex containing Chia seeds. The mineral ingredients at contact with the skin, absorb the excess sebum and the moisturizing complex from Chia moisturizes the skin. In fact it WORKS, if you are patient and you use it regularly you will see results.

This is one very scary and "magical" mask. 😃 It's from AVON as well, but from the Clear Skin series. This product is like those masks that change color with which they show that the product has done it's job and after that you can wash your face. As you can guess the color of the mask is black, but after the cleaning effect is done it turns light gray. The purpose of the mask is to reduce and clean out the sebum as it leaves it deeply cleaned and matted. This is the perfect product for people that have acne. This "magical" mask contains 0,5% salicylic acid and clay with cleaning minerals. It's recommended to be used 2-3 times a week, on a washed face for visible results.

Continuing with the next product from AVON, with which I'm more than pleased. It's also from the Clear Skin Professional series. It's also known as peeling therapy. It's like the peeling masks - you spread it on your face than let it dry and after it dries start peeling it off. It's for the T-zone, but I use it on my chin and small part of my cheeks as well. It's purpose is to clean the blackheads and remove the sebum.

This is therapy treatment for pimples it contains 2% salicylic acid. Like every normal person some times pimples show up on my face too for one or another reason. I have the bad habit of squeezing them and some times even make small wounds. This therapy is one perfect solution for curing pimples fast. It stings a little because of the acid but it's bearable. If you use it for day or two you won't even know that you had a pimple there. :)
And now let's go to our feet.

That's one of the new products from AVON of the Foot Works series. This lotion has a nice smell of pineapple in which I'm in love and the cooling effect is incredible. After you clean and exfoliate the rough skin, application of this lotion immediately softens the skin. I haven't used it for very long but it's a great product for feet!

I don't like using all kinds of lotions, oils and what not on my body. If I have to be honestly 99% of the time I try not to use them. But I have days that I want to pay a little bit more attention to my body and apply some lotion for body again from AVON - Parisian Chic. It smells like blackberry, jasmine and sandalwood. I use it mostly on my feet on places that I have dry skin and also I use it on my hands. In rare cases I use it on my body when I think of using the same perfume which I like a lot! Incredibly creamy and very moisturizing lotion with which I'm very pleased.
Now let's talk about our nails and hands

I don't do anything special for my nails other than to remove the skin on them but .... After one extremely bad period for my nails (4-5 months) in which period I had nails made with gel and after that they were in very bad condition - worn, extremely sensitive, extremely nails, in two words VERY BAD! Than I found a nail strengthener which was cheaper than its normal price and it was the last one in the DM shop and I bought it. I've tried almost all of Perfect's and IMPALA's nail strengtheners and it was just spending time and money. In the end I just have a collection of nail strengtheners that don't help and some times I use them as top coat or base coat, because they DON'T have other uses.
And let's go back to the nail strengthener that I talked about. After I've tried so many varieties I didn't get my hopes up for this one.

Here it is - the winner of nail strengtheners. It is from EVELINE Cosmetics from SOS series. It's for brittle and broken nails. It has to be used everyday for 3 days after that you remove the coats and repeat the procedure. After all the bad things that happened to my nails, my nails started to get better and stronger very fast - they bacame harder and started growing faster. In a month or so my nails started to look a lot better and I didn't even follow the instructions perfectly. This is the best one of all the nl strengtheners and I think of trying other nail products from EVELINE.

Let's end it with a hand and nail cream... Couple of weeks ago I was on a holiday with almost no luggage and I didn't bring any cream or lotion with me. Than my skin thought that this was the best moment to get realy dry. Thats why I bought that cream which is from RUBELLA so that I can use something until I get home. It was very cheap but I have so many lotions and creams at home I didn't think it was necessery to invest a lot of money for two days so i bought this cream which is for hand and nails but because of the great aroma of coconut i was using it on my whole body after a shower. It's incredebly moisturizing and it has lasting aroma but it doesn't get absorbed that fast into the skin. That's the only bad side of the cream. Wonderful cream for people with dry and rough skin and it's very cheap and the and the fans of coconut will be inlove with it's aroma.

Well that was a part of my favorite products, but those were for this month and soon I'll make a blog about products that I use for my hair.

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